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You Made the Dream, That Looked Impossible, Come True

Courtesy California Precut Homes


I wanted to take a moment to thank California Precut Homes for helping us create our dream cottage on our daughter's property. She acquired the property with the thought in mind that we could build a small cottagein her backyard.  

We turned to the Internet for advice and plans. We found a builder who claimed to have experience building the kind of Granny Unit that we wanted. He arranged a time for us to see one of his completed projects. It was a great disappointment and wasn't finished very well.

We interviewed two other builders that neighbors had used to stick build their homes. Their price estimates were really high and in order to get actual quotes we had to spend a lot of money up front with an Architect to have building plans produced.

We were about to give up when one of our daughter's friends recommended California Precut Homes. After our first conversation, my wife and I were impressed with your 39 years of experience in building pre-cut homes. We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that you personally have extensive experience with CAD architectural software and would be able to develop plans for our house with us and not have an architect. It amazed us to see you turn our rough little sketch into professional looking plans in just two hours. Over the next two weeks you worked patiently with us to get everything the way we wanted. During the process you also gave us wonderful design ideas. One that stands out to me is when you told us that 12' ceilings give small homes a big house feeling and doesn't cost that much more.


Additionally, we're so pleased with the overall space utilization.


Every Room Has at Least Two Purposes

For example; the kitchen turns into the laundry room when the glass door is opened to the washer / dryer and the kitchen island is only 4 feet away for folding clothes. 


The living room is also used as a dining area, the media room has an 80 inch TV on the wall. The sofa converts into a queen bed so we use the space as a third bedroom.


The Price is What You Said it Would Be

The price that you quoted in the beginning was the price that we paid in the end. That was probably the nicest surprise of all.

While our new Granny Unit is only 1,000 square feet it doesn't feel little. I think this is due to us incorporating your wonderful design ideas; the high ceilings, the open floor plan and the beautiful windows that were installed at the factory. The places just feels right.

As a bonus, the insulation and reflective materials that you used in the roof keep our utilities bills incredibly low. Most days when we go into our daughter's house her air-conditioning is running full throttle. When we walk back to our home, it's cool and the air conditioner is not running. I think it's because the factory built walls and roof trusses fit together better which means less heat or cooling loss. I don't claim to understand why but we certainly appreciate the lower utility bills.

Well, Dennis, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Matt for all of your work and advice. California Precut Homes; made The Dream, that looked impossible, come true.