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Courtesy North Coast Packaged Homes

This standard Westlake was built near the California coast with the owner acting as an owner/builder doing much of the construction himself.

Picture Courtesy North Coast Packaged Homes - Front View of Emerald

This modified Westlake was built by a contractor for resale. The plan was modified to accommodate a slight slope at the rear of the property and was built with a single garage due to a narrow lot. The contractor felt that a stucco finish gave a more finished appearance to the home and was more in keeping with the neighboring properties.

This Westlake was built in a city where the local architectural guidelines require that the garage be recessed five feet behind the front facade of the house.

This Westlake was modified to take advantage of a steep sloped site by placing the garage under the home and utilizing the garage space to create a family room that overlooks the mountains and golf course across the street.

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Pictures Courtesy North Coast Packaged Homes