About Us

Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI) is a private California company that produces wall panels and roof trusses at its factory in Elk Grove. PMHI can trace its history back to the middle 1960s when it began producing wall panels for housing projects in California and Hawaii.


PMHI was incorporated in 1968 as Pacific Modules, Inc. Both Pacific Modules, Inc. and its sister company Pacific Buildings, Inc. (founded in Marks, MS) were involved in building houses utilizing their respective packages. At this point both companies worked as general contractors developing their own tracts under joint ventures.


In October 1973 our corporate name was changed to Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. By 1980 PMHI had ceased to operate as a general contractor and instead focused on its manufacturing and supplying to contractors, developers, and owner-builders. In 1982 the Licensed Dealer Network was established, allowing for more local representation across California, Nevada, and Oregon. In 1990 PMHI began shipping overseas; to date, PMHI has supplied projects in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Mexico, S. Korea, Japan, Lebanon, and China.


Today PMHI is primarily a supplier to the owner-builder market. Services offered include drafting, engineering, contractor referrals, and consulting in addition to manufacturing.

Are Packaged Homes a new concept?

Kit houses have been around since the early 1900s. As part of the American Dream, they were particularly popular in the post-WWI 1920s. Companies such as Sears Modern Homes (yes, that Sears) sold over 100,000 kit homes through their catalog between 1908 and 1940. Many of these early kit homes are now historical landmarks across America. These kits included all the pre-cut lumber and hardware that, when assembled, only needed to be finished to be indistinguishable from a traditionally site-built home. The post-WWII years and the advent of the “tract house” put most of the original kit house companies out of business. Yet the tradition and utility of the packaged home are alive and well today.

What is a Packaged Home?

A Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI) packaged home is a high-quality, factory-built framing and roof truss system. The sheathed wall panels are assembled at the factory into sections that are numbered and easy to install. Most windows are already installed in their respective wall sections. The assembly process allows for higher quality with less waste than typical site-built stick-frame construction. The whole package, with all hardware, roof sheathing, and siding, is then delivered to the jobsite to be installed either by the owner-builder or their contractor.

Isn’t a Modular or Manufactured Home the same thing?

In short, no. A manufactured home is built almost in its entirety off-site, then transported as a 3-D unit to the building site. A modular home is as its name implies: it is a manufactured home that is meant to be mass-produced with little or no customization allowed. They are built to the codes that apply to that type of structure

A PMHI packaged home is built to the exact same standards (CA Building Code) as a traditional site-built home. Far from being “modular” or “standard,” a PMHI Pre-Engineered packaged home can be either modified or we can design a custom plan from the ground up.

If it is built to the same standards as a site-built home, why should I consider purchasing a packaged home?

Because of the manufacturing process, there are a few advantages to using a PMHI packaged home:

  • Speed – Since the framed panels and roof trusses are already built, a project could go from empty slab to lockable shell in a matter of days as opposed to weeks required for a site-built stick-framed structure.
  • Reduced Waste – Computerized saws combine with the advantages of the assembly line to create significantly less wood waste than the traditional site-built structure.
  • Quality – Because of our buying power and manufacturing process we are able to offer superior materials at an entry-level price. These materials include:
    • Dry Douglas Fir lumber that resists the shrinking and twisting of the more commonly used green lumber
    • 2 x 6 exterior walls that allow for the use of more energy efficient insulation
    • Full lifetime window warranty with glass break coverage
    • PV solar panel ready roofs
  • Cost Control – We guarantee that you will have all the material necessary to complete your PMHI structure, allowing for better budgeting and peace of mind.

For more information on the features and benefits of a PMHI panelized kit home, please contact your local Authorized Dealer.